So that’s it, it's decided... whether it's to be a permanent home or just for holidays, you’re dreaming of buying a villa in our beautiful region. You will discover that paradise does exist, and it is called La Cote d'Azur! On the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, only an hour from the mountains where you can ski on Saturday and go to the beach on Sunday, this corner of Provence, close to the borders of Monaco and Italy, benefits from a temperate climate all year round, a paradise easily accessible thanks to the France’s 2nd international airport and its two complimentary private airports...

Buying a villa in France and especially on the Côte d'Azur can be much more complex than it might seem.

How do you find that rare gem? Which area to choose among the seaside towns or amongst those charming little villages in the hinterland? How do you understand the price differences in the advertisements? How can you be sure of making a good financial investment? How can you find your way around all the players involved in this project (estate agents, bankers, notaries, contractors, etc.)?

Appoint MARTIN & BECKER as your Home Hunter. This is the key to :

  • have access to the entire Real Estate market through one contact only.
  • be recommended sectors or properties that you would not have thought of
  • seize opportunities for off-market properties or properties that have just come on the market.
  • Save time by making selected visits that correspond precisely to your criteria
  • Optimise visits between all the selected properties
  • Recommend and be made aware of relevant work or improvements to enhance the value of the property
  • Validate all the technical aspects of the selected properties (town planning, risk prevention plan, road access, school map, etc.)
  • Buy at the right price

Whether you are an individual or an investor, we guarantee that you will be entrusting your search to project managers experienced with international companies who know how to manage your budget and schedule, but who will also be able to warn you of any pitfalls to be avoided.

Once an offer to purchase the property of your dreams has been accepted, we can put you in touch with :

  • Bank brokers
  • Notaries suited to language of use
  • Asset managers
  • Tradesmen and craftsmen for all types of work as well as gardeners and swimming pool specialists
  • Property managers according to your area of purchase


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